End of an era: Ask.com shutting down Bloglines

Bloglines 'B' logoOld news, but finding this out made me sad:

Ask.com let our users know that we will shut down Bloglines on November 1.

Bloglines was my first and only feedreader. I’ve been using it for over five years. Until leaving on the trip, it was one of the sites I checked daily—actually multiple times throughout the day: Bloglines, Gmail, Justinsomnia, and repeat. For me it “just worked”. To bad there isn’t some way for Bloglines to exist outside of Ask. Oh well, *kicks stones aimlessly*.

Update: I trimmed my blog subscriptions down to 67, and imported everything into Google Reader.

Update: Not so fast!

MerchantCircle, the largest online network of local business owners, has agreed to manage the Bloglines service for us and keep it up and running with no interruptions for our users. That means your data is still there, intact, and you can continue to use your same log-in and password as always.

Unfortunately it was too little too late for me. I’ve already switched over to Google Reader…


Thankfully, you can export your existing feeds as an OPML file. This file can then be imported into Google Reader, or another feed reader.

The link below will generate the OPML file for you:



Thank you for sharing your travels!

Neil A.

And for almost all those five years there was an advert at the bottom saying ‘we’re hiring’…. Maybe if they’d just found the right person…

Graham, yep thanks, did that as soon as I found out. I’ll have to give Google Reader another try. Neil, ha, I know.

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