A hike in Big Bend

We had planned to go hiking on Sunday in Big Bend. After procuring supplies for lunch, we started on the Window Trail, which treated us to lovely views of the “window” out the mountains encircling the Chisos Mountain Basin. Then we started up the Pinnacles Trail, towards the Emory Peak trail, which leads to the highest point in the park. It didn’t seem like we collectively had the energy to make it to the top, so we decided to just climb up until it was time to break for lunch, and then head back down. Conveniently that point coincided with the discovery of a bench that had a view overlooking the basin.

View from the Pinnacles Trail overlook in Big Bend National Park
View out the “window” on the Pinnacles Trail

On the way down, we took the Basin Loop Trail which was more varied in terrain and covered more ground than on the way up.

Group shot at the Window Trailhead: Brian (Dad), Stephanie, and Justin
Dad, Stephanie, and Justin at the trailhead

We made it back to the campsite around 3, and though we had reserved it for one more night, we decided that if we started back towards Austin then, we could all enjoy a shower and bed before midnight (without having to play will it rain? roulette again). So we took down the tents, repacked the car, and hit the road. It was a long drive back, but we managed to pass the time chatting almost the whole way.

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