Off to France

Work-wise, Friday turned out to be especially busy. We were working from home, as was most of the office, some extending the 3-day weekend, others anticipating the commute chaos of the Bay Bridge closure, all of which made things a little more challenging than normal. C’est la vie.

I think I officially shut down the computer at 3:40, finished packing my bags, Stephanie had already tidied up the apartment, all so we could start our trek to the airport around 4. We eventually made it out the door, had a little trouble finding a cab, took BART down to SFO, made it through security and to our gate just as they were about to begin boarding. They called for our rows and were we off.

It was roughly 10 hours to London, and I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep that “night”, maybe slightly more. Had a light lunch at Heathrow as it was then around 1 in the afternoon. Our flight to Nice left shortly after, and I slept the whole way there. I think it was around 6pm (Saturday) when we arrived. Stephanie’s mom picked us up and brought us to her apartment, where we’ll be staying before and after we visit Stephanie’s dad in Valence.

Stephanie’s sister Aurelie and her two-year old daughter Luna came over to have dinner with us. The last time I’d seen Luna was during her first birthday. The excitement of seeing everyone after so long was probably what kept us awake on so little sleep.

Stephanie at SFO on the way to France
Stephanie at SFO
Justin at SFO on the way to France
Justin at SFO
French Bordeaux on the plane
French Bordeaux on the plane
Stephanie and her mom
Stephanie et sa maman
Luna hiding behind Aurelie's legs
Luna hiding behind her mom

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stephanie looks realy realy happy ;-) and her mom too.


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