Just updated my Copy as HTML Link extension for Firefox with a cool new feature: now you can right-click on any link and use Copy as HTML Link to copy the link text and destination together as an HTML link. It’s super handy for copying blog post titles along with their permalinks.


Yes, it is superhandy.

But I would like a little new feature. Could you please take the whole link including the #label when selecting text and right-clicking? Otherwise it will not work for certain things that actually require the #label part.


LeoB, I’m not sure I know what you mean. I just used it to copy part of your comment below when the page had a target in the URL (e.g. #comment-82881) and I used to copy directly from the datetime link associated with your comment, and both included the #comment-82881 bit.

<a href="http://justinsomnia.org/2009/08/just-updated-my-copy-as-html-link-extension-for-firefox/#comment-82881">Yes, it is superhandy.</a>
<a href="http://justinsomnia.org/2009/08/just-updated-my-copy-as-html-link-extension-for-firefox/#comment-82881">1/9/10 3:36am</a>

Hi, justin. Yes, I can confirm that it works for normal links. But it does not work for gmail. This is what I have seen:

– I can use the URL shown in the Firefox URL field as a link to the mail message I am reading.

– However if I try to make a link with Copy as HTML Link by selecting and right-clicking and choosing

… continued … ;-)

… Copy as HTML Link the result does not include the part after #.

– But it works ok for a static page I just tested on. Gmail is the only example I have at the moment where it does not work (but that is probably because I have not tested any similar pages).

LeoB, I’m not sure why you’d want to link directly to pages within Gmail, since they’re not really public permalinks, but as I understand it, Gmail is using the #target for very specific JavaScript operations. Which is probably why it doesn’t work. Gmail is dynamically updating the URL bar, but for some reason, the URL that Firefox makes available to this extension does not include that change.

Picasa web albums do something similar. I’ll have to check there to see if they exhibit the same issue. That said, it might not be someone I can fix, but just an inconsistency in Firefox.

Hi, justin. I am using the gmail links as handy private shortcuts. It makes it possible to for example link to a conversation from a text I am writing on.

How are you trying to access the URL?


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