Where is the Daily TCP/IP?

“Time itself is telegraphed out of existence,” declared the Daily Telegraph of London, a newspaper whose very name was chosen to give the impression of rapid up-to-date delivery of news.

The Daily Telegraph is such a great anachronistic name for a newspaper. A name which has become so commonplace in the market that you don’t ever stop to think about what it actually refers back to. Given the pending collapse of the newspaper industry, I’ve found myself wondering: where is the Daily TCP/IP? (Or god forbid, the Daily Tweet.)

Obviously it’s all around us, the blogosphere, Google, Twitter, Bloglines, Facebook. Boing Boing probably comes the closest, as far as a functional analogue recast in the new medium, but still, for nostalgia’s sake, I’d love to see someone bring thedailytcpip.com to life.


Josh M

“Daily” is so coarse-grained…

I was going to remark that the counterpart would be The Daily Me. But, seeing the previous comment, I decided that more appropriate to now would be:
For Me This Minute.

The Current HTML?

I think I like coarse grains.


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