Freshly milled flour

At the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market this weekend, I noticed some stone ground whole wheat flour for sale in large ziploc bags at the Eatwell Farm stand. When the guy there noticed my curiosity, he asked if I wanted a free sample? “Umm…” I said, thinking I was going to have to choke down a thimble full of flour. “Sure, why not.” Then he produced a small ziploc baggie containing about a two cups of flour. “For free?” “Yeah, for free. There’s a pancake recipe on the back.” “Cool.” The front of the bag said “Freshly milled on 3/6/9”, the day before.

Eatwell Farm Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

I’m not sure about pancakes, but I think there’s some homemade pizza dough in my future.

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