Do I do it because I can blog it?

People will choose what activities they do in the physical world based on how it will appear to their friends in the virtual world via their Twitter/Tumblr/Flickr/Facebook/etc.


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I disagree with this thought but then also I do not consider myself up to date or in line with the general society, I (like to think) that I do something first and foremost for the experience, the fact that I remembered to or was able to catch that experience with a snapshot and/or twit update or a blogpost ensures that I will be able to remember it years from now…One thing that I caught from Anton was going back (or specific searching) to a post or update to see what I was doing this day/week a year ago, 2, 3, 4, etc… pretty neat! plus I could care less what any of my friends think about me or my updates and/or posts, self-interested? egocentric!? maybe…..anyhoo, GO HEELS!~Cheers~