Claüs freaks me out

Tell me I’m not alone on this one. I mean he’s a young dude with a white beard. Mommy, is Santa an albino?

Sprint's Centro Claus ad

The ad links to by the way. I’ve seen it around on Digg and The Onion.

I like how they’re trying to be all viral with “homemade” videos on YouTube at SantasGoneCentro. I’m not quite sure it’s working for them.

I wonder what sort of crazy shit people are texting Claüs? Man they should be publishing that! In real time! On Twitter! Now that would be conversational marketing gold.



Yeah, I agree with you on the guy freaks me out.

That color of lipstick totally doesn’t go with his beard, even if it does match his shirt.

It’s more of a platinum blond than white (notice how much more yellow his hair and beard is than the vest or the screen on the Palm), though…

One might say that’s even freakier… that Santa’s gets his hair dyed. Though I think it looks whiter in other contexts. Imagine a Santa with dark hair. Goth Santa.

Come clean, Justin. Is that you behind that blond beard?!

Claüs coud be dutsch. – I guess perhaps he is a “dutsch gay” ?? ;-)) – because what MAN want to bye a golden palm ??


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