Bumpass Hell

I mean with a name like that… you’d think it was a joke. But it’s actually the Old Faithful of Lassen Volcanic National Park, which Stephanie and I visited with Joy and Kyle over Labor Day weekend. We started the drive up Friday night, did a little Motel 6 camping in Red Bluff, and then continued on our way Saturday morning.

Bumpass Hell is about a mile and a half off the main road, and well worth it. There’s a steam vent that sounds like a jet engine, boiling pools of gray-purple mud, and the stench of sulfur that fell somewhere on a continuum between rotten eggs and chicken soup.

Brokeoff Mountain
View of Brokeoff Mountain on the way
Bumpass Hell
The famed Bumpass Hell
Bumpass Hell
Bumpass Hell, purple mud
Boiling purple mud
Cold Boiling Lake
Cold Boiling Lake Puddle (Note: If it sounds like it might violate a law of physics, it’s probably too good to be true. Nice hike, but not worth the additional 4 miles round trip for a bubbling puddle.)

Update: day 2, Justin Versus the Volcano

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