Glacial melt

Over our 4th of July Seattle escapade, we had the privilege to approach the majestic Mt Rainier. We entered the park’s north-eastern corner and parked at the White River campground. Our plan was to hike up the trail for a mile and take the left fork to see Emmons Glacier, the largest glacier in the lower 48 states. It turned out the trail was “obliterated by floods last fall” which made it adventurous and diverse, but impossible to cross the river. Instead of taking the fork (which we never found), we continued the glacier basin trail to it’s official end (in the snow). All along our trek, we were accompanied by the rushing and sometime intimidating sounds of White River. Memorable.

—written by MC Soleil

White River in Mt. Rainier National Park

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I posted some other photos from our Mt. Rainier hike here. After creating this panorama, MC Soleil thinks it’d make a better complement to this post’s recording than the one above.

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