Wow, I didn’t realize Sprint was in such a tailspin:

The most likely scenario for Sprint going forward is a long twilight where the company’s inferior network, ambiguous brand message, and quality of service results in a continuing [if slowing] attrition of subscribers, revenues, and margins


Yeah, Sprint’s pretty well fucked. It’s sad, since it means WiMax will probably be significantly delayed. Recent stories suggest this might not be a terrible loss, but I’d really like an always-on, really fast network card already.

(Also sad because i bought a toy amount of their stock about 3 months and 66% ago. And because I’m likely to become one of those million lost customers this quarter. Their customer service really does blow and my Motorola Q is a constant irritation.)

I find this tough to swallow. the author has a serious bias to sprint, as seen best in the very quote you used here. the reporter is instilling fear into sprint subscribers (and stock holders) based on loose market trends (the entire market is down) and no sources to back up his sprint’s offerings are abysmal claims.

my experience with sprint (vs. competitors) is generally to the contrary.

I have to agree with Nate-although I know Sprint is consistently last in Consumer Reports for Customer Service, I always have an excellent signal, the two phones I’ve had in my five years with them have really held up, and my plan is really reasonable. My phone got hacked twice in the last three months and they contacted ME to let me know it had happened and that they were taking care of it. And the fact that Sprint cannot compete with the likes of other wireless carriers that offer landlines and internet is because after they merged with Nextel, they were forced by monopoly laws to split, resulting in the company we now know as Embarq.

The only meaningful thing I can find to differentiate between the big carriers is whether they offer GSM or not. Sprint, of course, does not. And yeah, I haven’t had any specific signal problem (though I did have some mondo annoying voicemail problems a year ago).

Nate: Over the next few years, Sprint’s going to have an inferior network. That is: once the other carriers have real 3G and 3.5G up. WiMax likely won’t happen, or if it does, it won’t be Sprint’s.

Currently, Sprint has (in my experience) the best network out there, by far. Hellaciously fast for today, but it’s going to adsl to the other networks’ cablemodem soon.

Also, Sprint’s stock has been in a tailspin for much, much more than the current downturn. It started the year depressed enough that it might be outperforming the rest of the market =)


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