Handwashing dishes

First of all, welcome to White Noise Lounge. A week ago MC Soleil and I had this wacky idea to broadcast white noise over the internet. So we decided to start an audio blog of the ambient sounds in our environment and on our travels. Not strictly white noise, but in the same vein. This is our first post.

This afternoon I did the dishes. Washed by hand because we don’t have a dishwasher, and because I actually enjoy washing the dishes by hand. Two people don’t make that many dishes, but there are always a lot of glasses to wash. We mostly drink water, and since they all look the same, we’re constantly forgetting whose glass is whose.

dirty dishes to wash

Listen to: Handwashing dishes

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This blog is just what I was looking for.
Thank you. Good Work


Awww…no more sound files? :(

Melanee, oops, bug on my part, fixed!


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