Fill Terrie’s shoes (they’re like size 16 or something)

Terrie Miller, who was responsible for bringing me out to California to work at O’Reilly, which included a personalized orientation of Sonoma County and a place to sleep at her house, is retiring…from O’Reilly.

I’ve got to say, O’Reilly is a pretty cool company, and their Maker Media division run by Dale Dougherty is even cooler, so if you have any interest in taking over the online side of MAKE Magazine from Terrie, working with the likes of Phil Torrone and Bre Pettis, then go check out the deets here: MAKE is hiring an online manager.

p.s. I would happily recommend anyone I know for the job, and connect you with folks I know who work there.


Thanks for the links…you know I always liked those guerrilla techniques for finding job applicants! :-)

No problemo. Once I saw that it hit Boing Boing, I knew I had to follow suit!


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