It turns out I should be supporting Kucinich: Pick Your Candidate (fun exercise)

Frankly what I’m looking for more than anything else is a someone who can transcend these issues and cut to the marrow of things. Someone with enough charisma and intelligence to bring people into agreement on the big issues rather than set everyone battling over petty red herrings.



Mee too: Kucinich 20

Ummm… I got Kucinich??? Really? Is Kucinich sponsoring this thing?

I mean … Kucinich?

Go figure…

If a tool like this were more widely deployed, I wonder whether people would realize just how “progressive” they really are—rather than fixating on one or two nitpicky little details like abortion or immigration.


kucinich, 24. like, duh. he’s the only actual liberal among them.

Heh, I got Kucinich 80, but then I listed a lot of things as “key” which bumped up the score.

I also got Kucinich. (40)
I am suspicious! I actually met him in person after he skirted a question I asked him in a public Q&A thing. Also, not that it matters, but he’s like 4 feet tall. America likes ’em big.


i dont understand


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