I totally want one: Squat toilet (do they even exist in the US?)


my slightly eccentric family refers to these as squatty potties…

Actually, my grandma in Fayence has one! Over in France, we refer to them as “Russian toilets”.


I have not found any in the US. I am going to be importing them. Would you like to be on my list, so I can contact you when they arrive? What price range are you interested in?

Stefan, I rent, so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing one anytime soon, but if you do start an import business with an online front, let me know so I can direct people to it.


okay I will Thanks

Hi Stephan, – I have the same interest but am in the UK. I also have the scientific/medical information that clearly demonstrates their health benefits.
How far are you in your search and how far towards setting up a business can you contact me through my blog
– two heads are better than one!


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