China Camp State Park

Went out to China Camp State Park with Marcia, Dawn, and Stephanie this afternoon. Beautiful day. Cool winds off the bay, warm sun. Nature.

China Camp is nestled between San Pablo Bay and San Rafael. I didn’t know it existed until this morning, looking for a hiking destination somewhere between San Francisco and Petaluma. The terrain was a combination of broad, low-lying marshlands and coastal ridges, providing some nice opportunities to photograph flatness punctuated by lumps.

Hill with trees, as seen from China Camp State Park
Marshy, hilly view from China Camp State Park
View from China Camp State Park

We rocked it for a good 3 hours, dodging the frequent mountain bikers, and enjoying the bay views.

San Pablo Bay view as seen from China Camp State Park

Before Dawn and Marcia showed up, Stephanie and I took a quick hike up one of the hills to get a better view of the bay. On the way down I took a few pictures of the small wild flowers and grasses, including some California poppies.

Getting close to a bunch I noticed a small red band around the underside of one, and in the spirit of the upskirt photos taken in France, I decided to see if I could do the same on a macro level.

Yellow California poppy upskirt

Hot Damn! The instant I saw the result, faintly on the camera’s LCD screen in the full afternoon sun, I could tell that shot was special.



hey, more of those louvre shots would be cool–will there be a france photo album?

I love that flower photo.

jackie, there should be, considering how many photos i took.

joy, thanks, me too.

i like your upskirt flower photo. use of “upskirt” should bolster site traffic. over.

Stunning picture, Justin.

YES! The “upskirt” pic is awesome! People we know,…you may see that picture framed in our apartment soon!


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