Atheism has a symbol?
Atheism symbol Apparently.


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Wow, you’re only, what, 20-30 years behind? Good catch there hotshot.

Great… the symbol of global atomic destruction… sick… I am without a god and a symbol!

[…] Links: explanation of the symbol by said godless ones; remark on its existence by Justin. […]

NVA, I enjoy living in a world where I can admit that I don’t know everything, am surprised when I learn something new, and enjoying sharing what I discover with others.

Brian, agreed, especially considering this is a more conservative rendition of the blinged-out symbol.


Oh well, perhaps I’m too heavy on the snark. Benefit of the doubt to you then. I hear the Republican party uses some big grey thing too by the way. Cheers.

BrianR — If you follow the link you will see I trash this particular symbol for it’s overly science-y/power connotations…




I like science :)