This is TOTALLY radical: Il Lee: Ballpoint Abstractions (to do at the San Jose Museum of Art, March 11–July 8, 2007)


Oh neat. And hey, I’m right by San Jose this week. That reminds me of this artist I ran across in GA in the mid 90’s. He also used just ballpoint pen and did abstracts, but on huge gessoed panels of plywood. I have one of his pieces–it’s about 4×6′. I should really get that out of storage and look on the back to see what his name was. (he was a hippy who lived in a cabin in the mountains w/no electricity.)

Cool, you’ll have to take a photo for your blog.

What are you up to in SJ? Well, if you’re in SF tonight let me know, otherwise, I’m on my way to France tomorrow morning :)


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