How to get to Paris

  1. On Friday at 6pm, take the #27 bus to the Powell Street Muni/BART stop
  2. Get on the N train to the Caltrain station
  3. Take the 7:20 train down to San Jose Diridon, arriving around 8:50pm
  4. Catch the 9:30 VTA light rail towards Mountain View, getting off at the Karina stop just outside eBay about 20 minutes later
  5. Walk with suitcases down the road to a Motel 6 just outside the SJC
  6. Stay up until about 2am watching Mythbusters and the Transporter 2, munching on junk food from a nearby gas station
  7. Wake 2 hours later, put things back together, have the hotel call a cab to take you to the airport
  8. Fly to Dallas, arriving around noon. Eat lunch (tamales at Reata). Hang out for 7 hours. Use $10 meal vouchers to get BBQ for dinner at Cousins BBQ because flight to Paris is delayed 2 hours.
  9. Fly to Paris. Eat very aromatic BBQ on plane shortly after take off. Wear an eye mask and earplugs, attempt to sleep through 9 hour flight.
  10. Arrive at CDG around 10am. Wait an hour and 20 minutes for bags, partly because some kind soul decided to take my bag off the tapis (conveyer belt) way down the line.
  11. Walk through the very crowded terminals to the RER station, buy an 8€ ticket and take the blue B line down to Chatelet-Les Halles, transfer to the #4 Metro line and get off at Saint Sulpice.
  12. Wander around to get bearings before arriving at the Regent’s Hotel around 2pm on Sunday


Suggested improvements for next time:

  1. Take a cab to the BART
  2. Take the BART to SFO
  3. Fly Air France direct to Paris ($$$, unfortunately)
Ile de la Cite across the River Seine
View across the River Seine of Ile de la Cite

Stephanie’s already beat me to the first Paris update here: Paris rocks. More details and photos coming soon.


Katie M.

Try to make it to pain vin fromage anyway: so. damn. good.

Katie, in your honor, we went there last night and I had my first Raclette.


hoorah! I am glad you got your cholesterol up for me.


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