I felt my very first earthquake! It was kind of like a large truck turned on its engine in the parking garage below me. Lasted for less than a second. Cool.


victoria vosler

hi i am in third grade and we are learning about earthquakes .how did it fill to be in a earthquake for less then a second?where did this take place .how old are u?can u put all are ? on your website. merry cristmas.

victoria, I was 27 when I felt my first earthquake. I was at work in Sausalito. It was kind of like the whole building jumped, except there was no sound. Happy Holidays to you too.

victoria vosler

hha thanks im now in 6 grade wow i searched my name and here this is.

victoria, welcome back!

victoria vosler

i know this is awsome i’ve never felt an earthquake. OOOOO i wonder how i would react to a huge one. “AWWWWWW its going to eat me know it’s got me awwww.” ” Victoria, that was just a truck that drove by.” (Smooths her dress) “i knew that!”


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