Geek Squad ads that actually make sense

I mean c’mon Ubuntu is WAY geekier than Windows Vista.

Geek Squad parody ad: We've spent more time with Ubuntu than is socially acceptable.
Geek Squad parody ad: Knowing all about Linux makes us geeks. Helping you with it makes us Geek Squad.

Parodies created with The Gimp on Ubuntu Edgy Eft. MTBCAD?


God of Truth

Geek Squad sucks. Overcharge the customer, and underpay their employees.


Agreed. I used to be a senior agent for a store in Austin, and they hire “agents” simply for selling. 90% of the employees for Geek Squad won’t even know what Ubuntu is. The other 10% don’t work in the store. They’re paid to make a virus removal or a RAM install sound REALLY hard or overwhelm a customer and make them pay ridiculous amounts of money to have them do it.


You all may think Geek Squad sucks but they are making approvements for people who use computers. They don’t make it too hard to understand technology. Instead they make it easier.. For example.. I started out computer stupid and I understand stuff now that others don’t. They don’t overcharge the customers, it’s a flat rate. It’s worth it because other companys’ ask for an hourly charge.. Say what you want but.. I work for Geek Squad/Best Buy and I am proud to be an Agent.


Ubuntu? Ubuntu is like Linux for normal humans. They should have put Fedora or something. :P


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