Deconstructed Pesto

Basil on bambooThis recipe for an hors d’oeuvre came to me in a flash tonight. Suffice it to say I haven’t made it or tasted it yet:

From bottom to top assemble:

  1. very thinly sliced and toasted bread, or crostini
  2. 1 large fresh basil leaf
  3. 1 generous slice of fresh Parmigiano Reggiano
  4. 1 teaspoon of pureed pine nuts
  5. 1 small clove of roasted garlic
  6. 3 drops of extra virgin olive oil
  7. sprinkle of pink sea salt

And just pop it in your mouth.

Update: as an hors d’oeuvre before Christmas dinner, Stephanie and I brought my deconstructed pesto idea to life.

Deconstructed Pesto

Here they are closeup.

Deconstructed Pesto closeup

The brown on top is pureed roasted garlic with a little olive oil (we decided not to put a whole clove on each). Underneath that is pureed pine nut with olive oil and sea salt—which was exquisite. Underneath that is two slices of Parmesan and a fresh basil leaf. Everything is sitting on a fancy hors d’oeuvre cracker. Wunderbar!

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