Angel Island

On Sunday we got the gang together for a spur-of-the-moment outing to Angel Island State Park. As has been our luck lately, the day was quite sunny and clear.

The island is accessible only by ferry, which runs every hour from 10 till 5pm on the weekends. We made it in time for the 2pm ferry, which gave us a little under three hours to explore.

Tiburon-Angel Island ferry route
Route of the Tiburon-Angel Island ferry

Of course no one wants to miss the last ferry leaving the island (at 5:20pm) so we were a bit more conservative in our hiking than we otherwise might have been. That said, looping a third of the way around the island, checking out the abandoned shell of a WWI-vintage military hospital, and then hoofin’ it back again was pretty exhausting, especially given the persistent sun.

Angel Island in San Francisco Bay
Panorama of the island as seen from the ferry

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From the island, here’s the view back towards Tiburon and Belvedere.

Tiburon and Belvedere as seen from Angel Island
Tiburon and Belvedere

Angel Island is positioned such that it affords glimpses of all three major bridges that traverse the Bay (on a clear day).

Here’s the Golden Gate Bridge, actually taken from the ferry.

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the Tiburon-Angel Island ferry
Golden Gate Bridge

Way in the distance of this photo is the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge as seen from Angel Island
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Here’s a slightly more visible shot of the east and west spans of the Bay Bridge.

The Bay Bridge as seen from Angel Island
The Bay Bridge

Update: Joy took some nice pictures of the abandoned military hospital/barracks that we explored on Angel Island.


Put up a creepy house photo! (I know; I’m bossy!)

Hurray for spontaneous Justin. That was fun.

Actually I didn’t get any really good shots. Joy put up a few of hers. I’ve added a link to her post at the bottom.

cool! I like the picture!


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