My first fan site! Justinsomnia Sucks Let the cult of personality begin!


What an incredible compliment! Congratulations, yet again.
I suppose that — given the level of critique on that web site — the return volley should be “… and justinsomniasucks SWALLOWS”?

This ought to be fun.

Fun, perhaps. A juvenile, sports rejoinder is about on the level.
What is sad, and rather fun, is how incredibly dim the entire site/post is when you consider the very best said dim bulb could light off with was to highlight alleged non-real lawyers. Said dim bulb simply foists him/herself on its own petard. Since Exodus/LC backed down in less than a day, what does that assertion — by implication — say about the quality of counsel at Liberty?
It’s rather fun, I agree. It’s the dim-bulb trifecta: file a nuisance CAD, get slapped down and back off, and start a web site that does nothing but demonstrate continued stupidity.
Again, what a compliment to Justin. A double victory of sorts.

whoa! confused.

That’s so awesome that the web site is about hating you, yet they provided a very handy link for people to be able to come visit you.

That’s a parody right?


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