Justinsomnia gets mention in BitTorrent for Dummies

I finally got a chance yesterday to pick up a copy of Susannah Gardner’s new book, BitTorrent for Dummies

BitTorrent for Dummies book cover

…because of the excerpt on page 229:

BitTorrent for Dummies excerpt: Justinsomnia (justinsomnia.org/gallery): This site is run by Justin Watt. He takes a series of photos and releases them into the public domian on his Web site. There are some incredibly brilliant images in this collection, and it's worth a peek.

The mention was included in “a list of sites that provide public domain media and art,” in the company of U.S. Government Graphics and Photos and Project Gutenberg. What a compliment. Thanks Susannah!

Update: I’ve converted all my photo galleries into blog posts.



very cool justin. congrats!

Famouser by the minute!

Are you kidding? You seem so mild-mannered, but you might wind up being the most culturally-relevant person I ever know. Kudos!

Very nice Justin.

you’re very welcome, justin!


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