Christmas Eve in Phoenix!

Corporate public art
Strange corporate business park art in front of my hotel

As you can see, the weather in Phoenix is loverly.

Corporate public art
Same “art,” another view
Justin in front of public art
Me, in front of said art, 24 hours into my holiday traveling (remember I left for Oakland Airport yesterday at 9:30am), trying to stay positive

So right now I’m sitting at Taberna del Tequila at PHX eatin’ some blue corn quesadillas and drinking Coca Colas. I didn’t make it in time for the 10:30 flight to Austin, even though I BOOKED it, tearing through the terminal with fully loaded backpack and suitcase. Security was sluggish. I don’t understand, isn’t it in the best interest of the airlines to FIX that? Oh well. Next standby flight to Austin is at 4, so I’ve got some time to kill. Word is I’m first in line. This would have been the same flight that I missed yesterday after being delayed out of Oakland.

And if not that, then I’m definitely confirmed for a 7:30 flight tonight. With a seat. Yay.

Update: Finally in Austin. I got on the 4 o’clock flight, I got the hell out of Phoenix, finally.

Small moment that made me smile: in line at the customer service desk (again) this morning, in front of a couple with a small child, a cute little girl just barely walking. She was sitting in front of this ginormous black duffle bag playing with the zipper pulls. They were the kind with holes through them at the end. And she was just so intently focused on these things. She stuck her finger through the hole. She squeezed the two pulls together. I was a little taken aback at how inquisitive she was, being just a year old and all.



Hey, you look pretty sneaky in that picture…

Sneaky, huh? You should have seen the first picture I took. I forgot to smile, which I guess exposed how I really felt 24 hours into my trip to Austin.


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