Olompali State Historic Park

Made my way out to Olompali State Historic Park today.

The park overlooks the Petaluma River and San Pablo Bay from the east-facing slopes of 1,558 foot Mount Burdell.

The name “olompali” comes from the Miwok language and may be translated as “southern village” or “southern people.” The Coast Miwok inhabited at least one site within the area of the present-day park continuously from as early as 6,000 BC, until the early 1850s.

I heard there was a good hike, and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a 2.5 mile loop off of which was a 3.3 mile trail up to the top of Mount Burdell. I packed a sandwich in my Camelbak which I’m loving (I got a black Lobo by the way) and started hiking up. The day was pretty clear, with a little haze in the distance, but lots of great views of the Petaluma River and surrounding floodplain.

View of the Petaluma River from Olompali State Historic Park

I saw a fair number of Manzanitas which I photographed on my last hike, but this time I got some spectacular picts of fungi.

Tree Fungus at Olompali State Historic Park
Brown, with a pure white bottom
Tree Fungus at Olompali State Historic Park
Tree Fungus at Olompali State Historic Park

I made it to the top around 3pm, 5 miles and 1200 foot change in elevation in about 2.5 hours. And then I had to go all the way back down again, 4 miles this time and I ran most of it (in some pain from being all sweaty) in an hour and a half.


I will ignore the talk of your sweaty underpants and look at the pretty pictures … such pretty pictures.

One word: chafe.

the striped ones are my fave, the fungi, that is.

Update: Minor edit of the TMI there at the end.

Rene, I agree, they were pretty unbelievable—for fungi. I’d like to go back and try to get some better pictures.

But I do really like the rays of sunlight streaming in toward the yellow fungi at the bottom.

Justin, gorgeous pix, as always! I love these vicarious jaunts.

And you remind me, I need to write to Camelback. My nozzle-thingie has gotten squished somehow, and it’s leaking. The sooner I get it fixed, the sooner I can have an excuse to take it for a spin. =)

ae, thanks, and re: Camelbaks, just head to your local REI, they should have replacement bladders and parts.


I live in Central Florida. I too love the fungi pics. We use them as a game on flickr.com in a “what is this” group. Great shots.


We have tons of these fungi and more in Washington State. Some are screaming orange. Regarding camelbacks – I got a great one last year at Costco for $20 – better than the one my hubby bought at REI and cheaper!

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