If I were a character in Southpark

I might look something like this:

Justin as a Southpark character

Check out Ruby’s and Brian’s and Katie’s or make your own.


Very good, except I’d make the goatee a bit darker.

I blogged about this site a few months ago-its awesome and I’m glad to see it is still around.

One problem though: it is basically impossible to reproduce Cartman, and hence I am left with no way to make a character that represents a reasonable approximation of me.


actually, justin’s goatee is reddish so the one he chose makes sense… I would make the hair darker and try for a short-sleeved button up shirt with a t-shirt underneath. Quintessential Justin.

Quite right. It all depends on the lighting I guess. As for the shirt, well, I didn’t realize there were so many other options. But nothing exactly screams short sleeve button up shirt with tshirt underneath. By the way, in this chilly California climite I’m actually wearing long sleeve button up shirts sometimes! Gasp, I know.


I’ll have you know that we never parented him to make him wear a short or long sleeved button up shirt with a t-shirt underneath…he did this all on his own.


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