The Web 2.0 Drinking Game

This idea was inspired by blatantly stolen from Greg McCarroll and James Duncan of Fotango at this year’s FOO Camp. It’s particularly lively among geeks with alcohol.

When someone says…

Any suggestions? Additions?


Ajax! No Web 2.0 drinking game is complete without it (two shots if somebody brings up the dispute over whether it’s “Ajax” or “AJAX”).

Doh! How could I have forgotten. I guess Ajax already seems so passe, it skipped my mind. But yes of course, change made.

folksonomy would be a good one, so would tag, but only if used in the proper context.

Most people can’t even pronounce folksonomy, so for that reason it doesn’t really come up in conversation (unless you’re Clay Shirky). At least I didn’t hear anyone mentioning it at FOO Camp. But good suggestion.


great list, it seems like just one important web 2.0 buzzword is missing: blogosphere!

Unlike just about everyone else, I love the word blogosphere, especially when someone asks me how I heard about something online, and I’m all like “Oh you know, it’s been going around the blogosphere.” (For like a whole day, c’mon, get with it!)

I hate the word “blogosphere.” Let’s fight!


blogosphere is so passé. There should be a bonus for anything else with the -osphere suffix, and a massive penalty for blogosphere.


Surely, subcription-based revenue model is worthy of a special mention? Take a drink!

I spent most of this week in Palo Alto working on Archimedes Ventures projects. I was able to post about most of the companies I met at Bar Camp (with one notable exception, which is to come).

We all know it’s “AJaX” because the second “a” doesn’t add anything. GOSH!

ha, excellent point. change made.

Sergey Vlasov

what about “social software” or “socialsoftware”?

oh c’mon, you mean friendster? that is so like first year of grad school! :)

But I didn’t /actually/ drink anything at Foo camp…

Still, I’m glad to see the game spreading — its like buzzword bingo, only with far more booze.

certainly there needs to be some “mashup” action on there!

Shame, shame, no-one has mentioned ‘remix’ or ‘feed’ – take a supp

So when and where’s the game going down at the web2.0 conference coming in in SF?

Ha! This is great. The Web 2.0 Drinking Game has been translated into Spanish.


Next it will have Lemon Freshener or turns blue when you add watr and won’t scratch the porcelin… hmmm? I see feature creeps…

Web 2.0 drinking game – You said AJAX! Everybody drinks!

you could just copy the flickr tags of this mindmap:

Can’t resist the "Geeks with alcohol" mention, from the Web 2.0 Drinking Game.


You need “Low hanging fruit”. I listened to the O’reilly conference as it was covered on IT Conversations and heard that in at least thre different speeches.

[…] Hehe – a fun idea. What next, ajax-powered cocktail recipes? Or maybe you’d prefer a few rounds of the Web 2.0 drinking game? […]

[…] And if you are really a Web 2.0 junkie, then try the Web 2.0 drinking game; I accept no blame for the outcome of such an action. Amazing what geeks will do when alcohol is around. […]

I translated it as well as the one by in today’s entry.;

Japan’s year-end party season is coming up, and this is going to be a great entertainment;)

Oh, I built that Web 2.0 drinking site :) Cocktail Builder – put in what you have in your bar, and see what cocktails you can make out of it.

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