Firefox tip of the day: Delete saved form entries

Asa Dotzler at OSCONScenario: as your webmail login interface is loading, you’ve already selected your username—thanks to Firefox’s form autocompletion—but at the instant you tab over to the password field, the page finishes loading, some javascript onload event fires, and the page focuses the caret back in the username field.

Of course you’re not even looking at the screen because you do this so often, and before you realize it, you’ve hit enter and sent your username and your password together in the username field, which Firefox has just cached for all of eternity. Now the next time you go log in, Firefox’s autocompletion options exposes your password. Argh!

Solution: This shouldn’t be a big deal to fix, except the only UI option for clearing out a saved form value (that I can determine) is by going to Tools > Options > Privacy > Saved Form Information and selecting “Clear”. So it appeared to be an all or nothing proposition.

Well at least until I talked with Asa Dotzler at FOO Camp on Sunday. After a really nice long conversation, I thought to ask about why I couldn’t selectively remove saved form values and he said:

“Sure you can, it’s Shift+Delete.”

And sure enough it works like a charm. Thanks Asa.

Feel free to if you found this useful.


I needed that!


omg, thanks man, i’ve been looking this one :)


Great fix–why can’t Mozilla include this in its Firefox help information?

It is available online under their Keyboard Shortcuts support page.


perfect!! that’s what I was looking for since I use Firefox!! In IE was it a bit easier! Well done


nice!! hit the spot!


well, not really: these entries are back upon re-starting Firefox … anybody else see the same thing?

oh I see whats happening:

you can remove the new entries with Shift + Delete permanently, but you cannot remove the ones transferred from Explorer during installation …
anyone has an idea on how to remove those ones selectively?

Ian G

I honestly thought I was expecting too much to be able to selectively delete saved form values – I think the phrase to use would be “Well Impressed!”

Ian, you’re very welcome.


Thanks! I love being able to find gems like this (thanks Google). I had tried using “delete” and that didn’t work, so I did a search. I wondered why they used “shift delete”? The documentation of the feature on the keyboard shortcuts page is pretty obcure.




Awesome! The weird thing is, at work I use FF, IE6, and Maxthon and I’m able to just use delete from FF there!


Found this tip via Google search (even though it is documented in Firefox, this was easier). Thanks!


AHHHH!!!! Thank Goodness!


Thanks, that’s what I’ve been looking for!


Does this work for previously saved erroneous form data? If so, how? E.g., when I start filling in my email address, I get a white box with two options, including one ending in .ney, a mistake I had inadvertantly saved in the past in haste to fill something out. I haven’t found anything in discussions other than the clear all option in preferences. I don’t seem to be able to use Shift + Delete when highlighting selected past-saved data in the white box which appears when I start to fill out a form entry, as for email address. Any suggestions short of wholesale clearance?


Belay my last. I just figured out what I had done wrong. I used the delete key next to the + sign, rather than the correct del [right arrow X] key just left of the home key on my keyboard. Great. Thanks.


BEST tip eva’


Thanks for the tip. I had a saved form entry that kept popping up and it was driving me crazy. Thanks to your tip, it’s been deleted.


Wow. This is awesome. The password issue was exactly the problem I was having. All better now!


Just what I needed. Thanks!


News headline: yet another premature password promulgator/publisher,
saved from self!
Notes that save us from posting our passwords should have a more impressive apellation than just “tips”.


Thanks! Worked like a charm. Firefox on Mac.


Too bad that no longer works in Firefox 3, Windows Vista Home Basic SP1. It’s all or nothing. Either save all, or save nothing. I also ened an add on just to realphabetize them, afetr FF3 deiceded it was more convenient for em to have them randomized.

Lol your description is exactly what happened to me!

Using Firefox 3.0 you just have to press ‘Del’ while selecting the form entry you want to get rid of.

The link now is


That’s exactly the problem I was having, awesome tip!

DUDE – OMFG, thank you! Do you know how long i’ve been looking to do this!


Thanks! Very good tip!


thank you so much for this tip! you saved me! :D

That is awesome! Fantastic tip.




great tip – thanks.


Life is worth living again. Thank you!!

Candice, wow. Glad to hear.


Version 3.5.7 doesn’t have even have the option to clear all saved form information. What’s up with that? Great tip anyway, because different scenarios require different solutions, so this allows for more selective deletion, such as mistyped usernames and the one described in the post. Thanks.


This rocks the Casbah. Just tried it in the URL field, works there also. Sweet!


Thanks. Now I don’t have to reminded daily of the times I try to log in after spelling my name wrong!!!


Thanks. My question would be will it resave the info once you enter it again? I needed this fix because it had my entire credit card number saved. Not good!


Awesome! This was exactly what I was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is exactly what I needed, even for the same reason! Thanks so much.


Thanks for the hint!


Thank you! I know this is an old posting but it still works and I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE on the FireFox site. Sending you much good karma.

Shravan M

thanks. it works in Firefox 3.6.13 as well!

That was very helpful. It would be nice if FF told you about this option.


thanks for posting this. exactly the fix i needed.


Thanks – still works in FF9


Thanks. I was tired of having wrong spelling of name pop up, but could not find how to delete. This works great!


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