quote of the day: it just might be that the hallowed stone marker had been left to rest in peace for 40 years because until lately, there was no real reason to fear the tyranny of the Christian right majority


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Yah know, when I saw this on the capitol grounds a few years back I wondered why no one hadn’t brought suit to have it removed, now I think we need to have a few more testaments to other religions posted right next to it – how about one for dianetics, and then a hollow/empty one for atheists. Why is this one so special.

The Christian right are not a majority in this country.
And anyways, think of all the money the taxpayers have saved from not having to mow that patch of land.
Brian is totally right, what we need are more of these things.. Can you imagine how crazy the Scientology monument could be?! Awesome!

i just hope it would include a bas relief of tom cruise battling oprah