fingertip towels

i hit up the target and bed bath and beyond big time yesterday. my favorite purchase i think was a little metal stand to hold some fingertip towels. and some fingertip towels to be held by the little metal stand.

not long ago if someone asked me what a fingertip towel was, i would have drawn a blank. i think melanie explained them to me, in the context of someone’s wedding gift registry. i’m sure my mom knows what they are, since my parents have them, but i’m also pretty sure the term “fingertip towel” has never came up in conversation at home.

being that my bathroom for bathing is now also my bathroom for potential guests, i figured fingertip towels were the best solution for that oft-pondered question “do i dry my hands on the towels they dry their bodies with?”

i’m not sure who that’s weirder for, the hand dryer, or the person who feels noticeable wet spots when they dry off after a shower. in either case, at my apartment, that problem is solved.

fingertip towels on finger tower holder

note: color coordination with countertop completely serendipitous.



We call ’em hand towels. Never seen one of those stands though – very cool.


Nope, those are fingertip towels. Hand towels are the next size up, and those would be the ones you use instead of people’s bath towels to dry your hands or face on. Fingertip towels are really just a cutesy courtesy. And usually you fold them in thirds so the side seams don’t show. :) I do like the little stand.

hmm, folding them in thirds seems so…time consuming. but that would explain why the “other” fingertip towels had these designs in the center. i might have to buck tradition here.


I was under the impression that fingertip towels were smaller. Much smaller. I have two that I carry with me when I travel that I can use for when I brush my teeth and general other things that require a towel, but not take up any space in the bag.


I think these are small… it’s hard to tell in this picture! Justin, take another one with your hand beside it or something!


or one of those #1 hands that people use at football games.

they are 8 inches from tip to the fold. the stand itself is 12 inches tall at the highest point.


Those are fingertip towels. If they were the next size up, commonly called hand towels, they’d spill over onto the counter. That’s my problem. I’m trying to find some fingertip towels that don’t cost $10 each for just a tiny piece of cloth!!!

Ah, the sacrifices I’ve made to the benefit of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


This was so helpful! I was trying to buy a set of towels and was completely stymied by the option of “fingertip towels”. Thanks!


But where in the world can I buy some simple, solid-color fingertip towels like those shown in your photo? (Our bathroom has a towel rack about 1 foot above the counter top, which is too close to hang regular hand towels.)

Martha, I got the fingertip towels at Bed Bath and Beyond.


I went to target to get some towels and didn’t realize how confused I’d be coming out. I thought it would be easy, but them fingertip towels had me standing in target confused for a whole hour. I didn’t get them of course, cause I’m a guy. So I go home and ask all my friends and they were just as confused, they told me to ask a girl…so I did, and they were just as confused as I was. So 15 hours later I find this website and now realize, “hey i really do need them things”….now I’m waiting for tomorrow morning to go get some. Thanks for the 411!!!


where did you get the towels that are shown in the photograph? What other colors were available?

I believe I got them at Bed Bath and Beyond. That link should take you to a selection of the different colors that are available.


I used to be able to get the blue and white small fingertips at Walmart. But I do not patronize them anylonger. So good luck.


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