clarksville to memphis

took a rural route from clarksville back to i-40, my transcontinental highway. i quite liked it, reminded me of the time jane and i traded 85 and 95 for US-29 up to dc.

map from clarksville to memphis

arrived in memphis on schedule, just in time for lunch, had directions taking me directly to rendezvous, a bbq restaurant recommended by phill. i found the entrance on “general washburn’s escape alley” (that’s one for some future research), and i was politely informed that they don’t really open until 4:30pm, so all they have are ribs. oh shame. only ribs. what am i ever going to do. i begrudingly (read: happily) accepted.

barbecue ribs from rendezvous in memphis, tennessee

the ribs were covered heavily in a dry rub, not too spicy and not too savory. they came with a mustard based cole slaw which i quite liked and some beans, a bit on the sweet side. i applied the bbq sauce available on the table to each rib, which really brought all the flavors together and added a bit of a kick. by the end of the rack, i had to blow my nose.

next stop was the national civil rights museum, which i found with some assistance from cell phone + google maps + my sister—only to discover the place closed on tuesday. oh well. here’s the memorial at the location of martin luther king jr’s assassination in 1968 (preserved since that time)—around which the museum was developed.

martin luther king jr memorial at the civil rights museum

next leg: memphis to little rock to fort smith to shawnee

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