wow: washer dryer combos cost $800-900 bucks


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for heaven’s sake, buy used!

damn you’re quick, i just posted that too.
yeah, i was thinking i’d rather buy my own than pay a landlord $25/month. turns out at $25/month it would take 3 years to pay the thing off. $25/month is practically a bargain.

our landlord just lets us USE the darn thing, no charge! he rocks!

I bought a washer & dryer from Sears a few months ago, and it was around that cheap (bottom of the line models). I thought about used…. but meh. I don’t know. I liked the fact that 2 guys delivered and set up the stuff at my apartment. It’s so worth it not having to trek to the apartment laundry center (and obey their hours and have quarters.)