hello from sunny sebastopol!

just a quick note, i’m in sebastopol, got internet access at o’reilly because the “free wifi in all rooms” at the holiday inn is currently down. *grumble* i’m told a new router was supposed to be arriving this morning. (update: the internet is back on, hooray, hooray!) makes it difficult to check craigslist, but that may be a blessing in disguise. rather than surfing the web and posting pictures (and movies now!) taken with the new camera, i’ve been out pounding the pavement. good exercise, and a good way to see the town, considering that i’m driving a honkin’ ford f-150 pickup. enterprise rent-a-car. yeah, go figure.

i should be able to cover all of sebastopol by foot when i’m done here, so it’ll be funny if i actually end up signing a lease at this place in downtown santa rosa. i’ve been drooling over it since late march/early april when a 1st floor unit was available and got snapped up in a week’s time. now there’s a 2nd floor unit coming available in early may that i checked it out this morning. it’s loverly. a bit on the small side, but newly refurbished, in a nice historic area of victorians, a block from downtown santa rosa, about 10mins from o’reilly. several people here (at the office) say santa rosa’s the place to be, at least first. until i get settled and know the area better.

more updates and pictures to come…

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as long as there’s room for my sleeping bag…

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