from measure to o’reilly

5 years ago this month, i answered an email that came across a listserv i was on as a part of my residential computing consultant job. i wish i still had it. a project at the carolina population center was looking for someone to work on a microsoft access database. i was looking for a summer job.

i answered the email—as i was in the habit of doing at that point in my life (i was working several campus jobs concurrently). i knew microsoft word, powerpoint, and excel, so why not access? after interviewing, i was offered the position, to replace someone who was leaving in a month for the peace corps. i was going to be responsible for a financial database that would track $47 million dollars.

later i would go on to build a health indicators database that would send me to kazakhstan, cambodia, tanzania, and ghana. somehow in the midst of all this i managed to graduate from unc with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and a masters of science in information science. for my masters project i redeveloped the access-based financial system for the web using php and mysql. then i wrote a sixty-six page paper describing what i’d done.

over the last year i’ve been adjusting to life on the outside. i worked on a few other projects, i traveled to ghana in november, but otherwise i’ve worked pretty consistently on developing and extending the web-based financial system. until now. april 2005 is my last month at measure evaluation.

i’ve accepted a position as a senior web producer with o’reilly media, inc. starting in may.



Excellent. Will you be telecommuting ?

And just after I’ve started at Measure. Thanks for passing the baton. I’ll miss you at the office and in our blogging community. All the best to you in your career and life.

nope will, i’ll be moving to california. and anton, i hope to continue to continue to be a part of our blogging community, albeit at a distance.

Holy Shit dude! Movin’ to Cali and everything.


But O’Reilly is a great company to work with, esp. since they paid me for writing something for them. :-) I just joined the ranks of, although they aren’t paying me…we’re all def. moving to interesting new places. Both virtually and IRL.

Any idea where you’ll be? Citywise, I mean?

i know, totally nuts.

o’reilly is located in sebastopol, ca, about an hour north of san francisco, so somewhere around there. i’ll be going up next week to hunt for an apartment.


All our love and support in this transition and new adventure. Also it’ll be a blast to come and visit you in beautiful northern CA.

Congrats, Justin. I agree O’Reilly is a good co. I also am fond of N. Ca. Sounds great! Any more details re: your role as web producer?

congratulations! now don’t forget to check out jenner by the sea.

MUCH LUCK dude! We all will miss you at the blogger meetings. Count on lots of chapel hill folks crashing on your couch. Enjoy the Pacific Ocean. What a *beautiful* part of the planet!

i didn’t know your undergraduate was in linguistics. very interesting mr. watt *maniacal handrubbing*

thanks all for the well-wishing.

jackson, the photos in that article are so beautiful that i’m itching to buy a new digital camera.

michael, nope, i’m going to be figuring it all out when i get there.

and of course brian R., mi small, expensive casa es su casa! everyone is welcome to come visit and “escape the grim news of the world!”


WOOOHOO!! Incidentally, that town is probably named after the same chap that the blvd Sebastopol is here in paris. Isn’t that a shitkicker?

Damn this is so fucking cool for you, Justin!

But of course it sucks for us who are losing you. The good part is that I can keep reading your blog as regularly as ever. ;-)

When and where is the obligatory big throw-down to send you off?

Howdy Justin —

Sorry to hear you’re bailing on Carolina, but it sounds like you’ve secured yourself a much better deal! You are living the dream! I can’t wait to be living on your couch!! WOO HOO! Best of luck, dude.


Congratulations on your new job! Don’t let the west coast soften you up… remember your Tar Heel roots!


Wow. Congrats and good luck with your big change! PJ keeps talking about a trip to California so maybe we’ll see you there soon!

Congrats, Justin! Please keep an eye on the Gropenator for us.

Wait, you went to Cambodia?? I’m dying to go to Cambodia!!

thanks everyone for the well-wishing!

katie, i believe sebastopol is named after sevastopol in the ukraine. and it’s not pronounced seh-bas-TO-pull as you might think, it’s se-BAS-tuh-pole.

i’m not sure about throwdowns yet, if there’s anything it’ll be the last week in april, first week in may.

hey, and i’ll still wear my nc pride in cali. if i can get my hands on one of those carrboro tshirts.

ae, yes, i’ve actually been to cambodia twice, if you can believe it. took lots and lots of pictures: phnom penh the first time, phnom penh the second time, and the angkor region


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