as seen on… amazon: Philips HeartStart Home Automated External Defibrillator



Oh Yeah, just what your old folks need. Now please don’t plan on getting this for us for Christmas. I think that it would be a bit heavy-handed to present your aging parents a defibrillator. But then thinking it over, maybe like a fire escape ladder, smoke alarms (both CO2 and smoke), fire extinguisher, each home should now have a brand-spankin’ new Philips HeartStart Home Automated External Defibrillator. Now there’s an idea. Be the first on the block to not only have a battery charger for you car, but a defibrillator for your heart. Hey, maybe I’ve changed my mind, YES YES YES I want one, please please, can I have one, I wanna show it off to the neighbors. When I get it I just gotta try it out. What can we try it on. I know. Maybe we can use it on our dog. But how would we stop it’s heart. Hmmm, will have to think about that. Later.

oh geez, i didn’t even look at the price before. i may have to talk to matthew and katie about going in $500 a piece with me…hehe


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