kudos to the chapel hill police for finding my bike (and primary mode of transportation) which i discovered had been stolen on the day i left for ghana. the first stolen bike they’ve recovered in 4 years! rock on officer kramer.



OK, what exactly happened? This deserves a more detailed post.

on friday (the day i left for ghana) i went to retrieve my bike from the parking meter where i locked it outside of the bar where we went to sils happy hour. this happens occasionally, i ride my bike some place, get a ride somewhere else and then home, and have to retrieve my bike later. no big deal.
this time, when i went to grab it and bring it home (while i’m out of the country), it was gone, vanished. i wondered whether i had inadvertently moved it somewhere else and forgotten. but no. it should have been there.
so it’s t minus 2 hours before i head to the airport and go to ghana. i’m trying to do some last minute chores in the office before i head out. i’m trying to find out about the possibility that my trip might be extended to tanzania, i have to call 911 to make a non-emergency police report, i have to meet the police officer at the bike store (conveniently next door to the office) to see if they have my bike’s serial number, they don’t.
i head home, to finish some last minute packing (and by last minute i mean minute in the singular) officer calls again to see if i found the serial number, i dig for it, find it, give it to him, cab comes, and i’m off to the airport.
anyway, i find out sunday, that the officer stopped someone riding a bike down franklin street, the serial number matched except for one digit (i should have mentioned that over the phone that it was pretty illegibly written) and jane was able to retrieve the bike from the police station–though apparently they can’t arrest the person until i get back and verify the serial number.


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