i want one: Moto Razr V3



funny, ryan’s been shopping for the same thing

i credit wired. damn magazine ads. apparently only cingular has them.


the tv ad is really cool

strangely, i miss out on very little not having a tv. even tv shows, i somehow know all about, either by reading about people writing about them (in blogs and the news) or hearing people talk about them.
(this may be a topic for a future blog post) but what is up with the news just reporting on other media, like tv shows? what is news anyway? (this is actually a question anton raised this weekend…something i’ve been thinking about since)


This is what you’re missing with TV: The chance to see movies you’ve already seen with commercials added (though I dug Pleasantville yesterday), garbage list shows when all you can muster before bedtime is some half-assed watching of VH1’s most awesomely bad songs, and of course, warnings of the second coming. Of course. I feel not a bit enriched by my experiences.


Oh, I forgot to mention that you get to see all the creative ways to turn curse words into censor friendly phrases. One whole Sex and the city episode consisted of the girls using the word “a-hole” over and over again to absurdity.

but sex and the city is on hbo. they’re allowed to use “asshole.”
what do you mean “warnings about the second coming”? what the heck are you watching?


oh, there are about three different channels that play scary looking old people quoting bible verses about the end of days. Apparently, we’re in them. And “SITC” got picked up to rerun on TBS.

you’re in the “end of days” i don’t even know what that means.


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