Canopy walk at Kakum National Park

I can’t even begin to describe today other than to say that what was supposed to be a two and a half hour drive from our hotel in Accra to Kakum National Park was actually a four and a half hour drive—one way. I feel like I’ve seen all of Africa through the window of an old Mercedes on a potholed, dirt road. We left around 7:30am and got back by 8:30pm. So that means we were gone for about thirteen hours and literally ten of that we spent driving. Or in traffic. At least I was able to take some pictures in the three hours that we actually spent at the park and the Elmina slave trading castle.

sign at entrance to kakum national park
Sign at entrance to Kakum National Park
first view of the canopy walk
First view of the canopy walk

on the canopy walk
On the canopy walk
justin watt in the canopy walk at kakum national park
Your intrepid traveler, a hundred feet off the ground
reaching the first canopy platform
Reaching the first canopy platform
me on a canopy platform
Me on a canopy platform
another nice view of the canopy walk
Another nice view of the canopy walk
view from the canopy walk
View of the canopy
kakum national park nice view of the canopy walk
Yet another nice view of the canopy walk
last view of the canopy walk
One last view of the canopy walk

Note: These photos originally appeared in my photo galleries.

Update, Nov 11, 2011: I significantly reworked this post, adding the leading text from an email I’d written at the time, and adding the ability to enlarge the photos.



Yay! A picture!

thank theresa for snapping that one.

isaac mensah bonsu

Kakum is a very nice a important tourist site.


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