in london en route to accra

seems like just a bit ago i was racing through the office getting last minute things done while a halloween party was happening around me. children in costumes, small dogs in costumes, even phill in a costume (with fangs). and me printing things out, polishing off some last minute financial system chores, munching on the reese’s peanut butter cups in a bowl by my desk.

i focused this week on making some revisions to the financial system before my two (or three?) week trip to ghana (and tanzania?). but not before i discovered monday morning that a yellow fever vaccination was required to gain entry to ghana. by monday afternoon i had gotten three shots (yellow fever, adult polio, and hepatitis a) tracked down anti-malaria pills, and started to feel like i was coming down with a low grade version of yellow-polio-a. i wonder whether i should have been more vaccinated during my two previous trips to cambodia and tanzania.

thursday morning (oct 27) i got an email from someone working with usaid/tanzania apologizing for the short notice but wondering if i could pop on over to tanzania on nov 8. i’d love to, but coincidentally/conveniently i’ll be working in ghana then. if you want, i could swing by tanzania when i’m done? so nothing confirmed (as in flight plans), but all signs point to my spending the third week of november in dar es salaam.

right now i’m pretty tired. sitting in an empty business class business centre in heathrow enjoying free access to the internet. thinking about that shower i’m gonna take when i get in to accra tonight.



Wow, you’re amazing. Have a great trip.


safe travels.


wait. does this mean you’re going straight from Ghana to Tanzania? Let me know. I’ve got to ration how much I miss you. I may have missed you a little too much today, anyway. If you’re going to be gone for three weeks I really need to know.

hello from ghana.

posting comments to my own blog may be the very easiest way to communicate (yeah haloscan). right now we have no internet in the guesthouse, and unc webmail sucks over low bandwidth connections. and i pretty much had to wrestle with blogger to make it post from london heathrow. oh the things i take for granted.

jane, as for tanzania, i’ll find out more this week about possible flight arrangements, but yes, it means i would go “straight” to tanzania during the third week of november returning home just in time for your birthday.


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