and then there was one week

7 years of elementary school (hagen)
2 years of junior high (orville a. todd)
4 years of high school (spackenkill and pflugerville)
4 years of college (unc)
2 years of graduate school (sils)
19 years of formal education

there really wasn’t that “this is the *last* class i’ll ever take” feeling during undergrad. that spring semester i was taking three sils classes and i knew i was going on to the masters program. this time is different. wednesday is the last day of classes. my last class will be information retrieval at 8am with dr. losee. wow.



i’m not convinced. not when you keep talking about what class you might take next semester. Admit it, you don’t want to ever leave.

Exactly…never say never. There are always PhD’s, or more Masters’, or all kinds of professional degrees, and then there are academic classes that you take “for fun”…

Trust me.

haha, i’m not. there’s a very good chance i’ll be enjoying the hell out of taking just one class next semester for the sheer joy of the professor or the subject matter.

the freedom to choose ANY class at unc, the freedom from having to fulfill certain requirements for a degree, the freedom from actually having to take a class at all absolutely excites me.

ditto from me what those first two said.

i’m not saying my edjumacation will end. but after april 21rd, whatever i do will be different, presumably/hopefully better-different.

i should have clarified by saying “19 years of continuous formal education.”


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