hey kids, we’re in bawston

after 14 hours, much of it spent in detriot.

a cascade of small errors (bags didn’t get checked through to boston, didn’t have boarding passes from detriot to boston, didn’t check the time after rechecking bag and getting boarding passes in detriot, decided to have lunch not near our gate, etc.), we missed our 3pm flight, and the next one was at 9pm.

so we tooled around the detriot airport, which is a pretty nice airport to tool around, if you ever get the chance. and we had another meal, and then caught our flight to boston, getting to casey’s after midnight, about 6 hours late. oops.

today we’ll probably tool around harvard square (casey lives in somerville) before heading off to killington this afternoon.


Aaaa. Sounds like travel hell. If you ever get stuck in an airport for an extended amount of time again, I recommend Philly. I spent just over 3 hours there on Friday and found it to be quite pleasant. Also, lots of electrical outlets. :-)

Enjoy skiing/riding (at least that’s what I’m assuming you’re doing at Killington)! I’m going to regret the fact that I didn’t make it up there or at least to Gore Mtn in NY on this trip, but I think I needed to do absolutely nothing for a while. Happy break!

yikes. hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly!

so lonely here in blogland!

I did that once, missed a flight because I didn’t check the tickets. I was in the Oakland airport, and that was the last one out that night ( I lived in San Diego and needed to get back to school the next day), so I had to pay extortionate sum of money to get to the San Jose airport. It sucked. My travel companion was very gracious, though.


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