by monday, march 29

i’ve been buckling down to build the financial system for work–as a proxy for my masters project. eventually i’ll stop programming, i’m thinking by cob thursday, and spend next weekend producing some draft writeup of what i did so that i can get it to marchionini by monday, march 29.

i’m really trying to get it to a functional system so that phill (my boss) can produce some reports detailing the first and second quarters of the new project (Measure, Phase II). as i see it, this whole master’s project writeup is merely incidental.

after that, may 9, graduation.


even when i’m not working on stuff for my master’s project, i cannot bring myself to do these little piddling assignments for my two classes this semester…

i need a serious attitude adjustment.

check out my neatlinks for interesting stuff.

two classes? wow. that’s a real load. I’m very impressed. Its hard to imagine how you handle all two of your classes. I think I’ll meditate on it.


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