wrote my paper from 5pm til 4am last night.

11 hours, 11 page paper. slept about 5.

so i took the 10:33am bus to campus. got here 10 minutes early.

so now it’s nearly noon, i turned in my paper to the TA, and i’ve been sitting here for more than an hour, waiting, because failure to sign the freaking role–which along with the professor hasn’t arrived yet–means we get our grade marked down.

apparently pizza is coming. i’m told. c’mon, c’mon. i don’t want no stinkin’ pizza!

jason is sitting next to me reading the classified ads.

jean apparently had another medical issue last night and was unable to write her paper. jean. we are seriously feeling for you. look at *all* the fun you are missing. i guess you can turn in the paper up till midnight tonight.

update: The ultrasound technician screamed with glee when she found them. Like it was paydirt. Like it was winning the lottery.

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happy birthday!!!


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