neat photo request from the UK

though I’ve released my photo galleries online under the creative commons “no rights reserved” public domain license, i still get requests like the one below to use my photos. any such request makes me extraordinarily happy, but frustrated at the same time. i love knowing when and if people are using my photos for more than simple vicarious enjoyment, but in the middle of a deadline as described below, i wish the creative commons license and logo were commonplace enough that people knew to just go ahead and use what they need.

Dear Justin

This may sound rather strange, but I am the editor of an Islamic Finance weekly newsletter in London and I am desperately searching for a picture (today) of Kazakhstan to illustrate an article on the IDB meeting in Almaty. I found your pic of the Regent Hotel (where the meeting is being held) and wondered if you might have a high resolution image (print quality, ie 300dpi – probably an image size of about 700k-1MB) that would allow me to reproduce? I do not have much of a budget, but could pay you something for it. My press deadline is 4pm (London time – right now it is 12.00 noon) so I do need it urgently!

Hope this doesn’t sound too mad. Congratulations with your website, by the way.


Jacqueline Grosch Lobo

Islamic Finance Weekly

Update: I’ve been published! My photo of the hotel I stayed at in Almaty, Kazakhstan appears on the front page of the Islamic Finance Weekly.

Islamic Finance Weekly front page

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