thinking about classes

i really haven’t had time to sit down and think. or more accurately, my head hasn’t been thinking anything interesting as of late. i have some faith that even when my own thoughts are inaccessible to me, the out of reach neurons are working on a top-secret, special project that will surprise me with tremendous insight when i least expect it.

which leaves me to trudge through the tediouser thoughts of daily life, like…which classes should i take? considering one is research methods (required), one is censorship with chuck stone, one is an advanced seminar in human computer interaction with gary marchionini, and one is a seminar in virtual communities that paul jones rescheduled so that jean, jason, and i could take it—considering all this, there isn’t much choice as to what classes i’ll be taking/dropping.

the alternates include GIS (already dropped) and CMS. the content management class could rock my socks off, in which case, what do i do? take five classes when i’m used to taking three? drop marchionini’s class and further distance myself from the one person who *might* endure me long enough to advise me on a masters thesis? yeah, yeah that sounds like a good idea.

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