chapel hill real estate

i’m back in chapel hill. i need to find a new place to live. “need” being underscored by the fact that my lease runs out on june 31.

today i looked at what was described as an “efficiency” apartment on McCauley Street. the first thing i notice is the spacious kitchen with new appliances. then a small living room with couch, futon and closet. then bathroom. but where is the bedroom? there is no bedroom. it’s just a dorm room with a nice kitchen and shower. ugh! i want one more room. i want a place to put a couch.

drove around davie circle with melanie, found a “charming two bedroom cottage” for sale. $188,000. i think that’s a lot of money. a ten year mortgage without any interest would require monthly payments greater than $1500.

seems like 306-1 McCauley may not have been snatched up while I was in Cambodia. I definitely need to get on that.

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