marched against going to war today

had gotten emails about the protest, but only coincidentally showed up to get some pizza for lunch before heading to work. very large crowd, peaceably shut down franklin street for a short while, walking, shouting, chanting, beating drums, waving signs from campus to carrboro. go people!

next friday i fly to tanzania. not much to say about that. mostly i’ve been obsessively reading about digital cameras. i’m just not sure what I value in a camera the most. or put more zenly: “what camera most resembles the inner me?”

(jackie would laugh, as i’m having the same trouble in picking out a car to hypothetically purchase.)

planning on going to the chi (computer human interaction) conference in fort lauderdale in early april. i’ve never been to florida before. that might be cool. i guess this would be me trying to participate in the academic side of my masters program (as opposed to just going to the bar with folks in my program).

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