having a number of thoughts

synthesizing them in interesting ways.

not having a car is sort of a disability. yet having a car is a financial burden.

my mozilla web browser has been sporadically making the sound i’m programmed to respond to when new email arrives. turns out is a new ‘feature’ that alerts me when a popup has been blocked. that just got turned off.

i want to write something about the nature of the bond that holds two people in a friendship or relationship together, but i just can’t seem to put it into satisfactory words.

could the above be possible if we thought in language? if we thought in language, how could i compare something i’ve said (or tried to say) with what i meant to say? clearly (eric raymond) there must be some representation of “meaning i wish to convey” which is separate from my linguistic representation of it.

i just bought a couch and a chair. of course i was not content with the stock fabrics, so i had to make a special order–for a smoother blue-gray. this means i have to wait 10-12 weeks for them to arrive. in 10-12 weeks it will be mid-may. in 10-12 weeks i may be in cambodia again. in 10-12 weeks i may no longer live where i told them to deliver everything.

note to self: license photos in photo gallery under creative commons license

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